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We'll have more fountains to show as they become available. Thank you for your interest.
These fountains were designed by both the customer and our company. We work with you so your fountain is just as you want it.
We have a maintenance & an assembly scale: #1 being easy and #10 being difficult.

John's Oriental Fogging Fountain:
John used a 14" ceramic fountain bowl with a special custom slate tier for the base tier. He had us cut a section out of a regular slate tier to make a "pool" area in the slate where the water goes through and down into the bowl. Then he took several custom chiseled slate tiers to make his mountain separating each tier with extra slate pieces and also polished river rocks. The slate has chiseled out sections in the back to accommodate the lucky bamboo. To really give an oriental look John placed a Chinese fisherman and hut on the fountain, there's even a small bird awaiting his meal. There's also a bridge that stretches across the pool area on the slate tier.  Operating this fountain is an United AP-85 pump and to accent this fountain further, John added a mister light combo. This gives the eerie and mystical effect that makes this fountain come alive!
On our maintenance scale the number is: #6 with an assembly  #8 

Gail's Double Panda Bear Fountain:
Gail from Maryland contacted us to made her a Panda Bear Fountain. We had two small figurines that seemed to just fit together. Gail wanted something different yet similar to Patti's Panda bear Fountain. We updated the bowl to our 18" Round resin Bowl in the Natural Stone color. We made the top pool slightly larger and instead of one pocket for the Lucky Bamboo, we made two pockets! We even had a climbing Panda bear for the Lucky Bamboo! The water fills the top pool and falls between the front of the pool and a hidden area down into the pool between the two Panda Bear figurines. We used the large white LED ring and covered it with Emerald Green Sea Glass. This fountain sounds as nice as it looks. I love the background area too where Gail houses her Special Fountain.
To see other photos of Gails Fountain, click on this link.
On our maintenance scale the number is: #2 with an assembly #4

Doug's Fogging Lighthouse Fountain
Doug wanted us to create for him a Pacific coastline fountain with a lighthouse. So we started by finding a lighthouse small enough to look right in the fountain and also be a working lighthouse. We found the perfect sized lighthouse and our engineering department had the task of drilling out the cavity and the top in order for the light to shine up and through the lighthouse illuminating it. We used a LED solid white light as this light could be used either in a wet or dry location.
The pump we choose to use was the Fountain pro WA-65 Pump with Switch. We wanted the water to flow down into the pool before falling back into the bowl.
Located in the front of the lava rock mountain is a cove we carved out to house the mister fogger! Accenting the fountain is real driftwood, artificial pine trees, greenery, ocean flowers and tiny sea shells. Making their way to the ocean are a few seagulls. This fountain is very detailed and a pleasure to see and hear!
On our maintenance scale the number is: #3 with an assembly #2

Anna's Medieval Fogging Fountain
Anna phoned us and asked us to create this Medieval Fountain for her. She made our job easy because she knew exactly how she wanted her fountain to look like! The waterfall is located in the middle and at the very top of the sculpted lava rock castle.  We carved into the lava rock the look of layered rocks and even made the top of the castle with the high - low rocks you see at the top of most castles.
There's a moat with a wooden bridge and under the bridge we carved out for the single finger  light which is covered with clear sea glass. Anna used the red cover on the finger light, nice effect isn't it?
The water falls down the middle and then is converted around the left side where the sword in stone is being protected by the knight above. The water also flows under the bridge where to the right a Gargoyle is trying to approach the castle and steal the Celtic Cross!
Down in the bowl we used a Mister with Lights. Operating her fountain we used the Fountain Pro WA-90 with Switch.
To see a high resolution of her fountain, please click on this link!
On our maintenance scale the number is: #3 with an assemble of #2

Barnacles Delight Fountain:
This fountain is made with a ridged glass bowl with a stand. There's clear frosted sea glass surrounding the bottom with hints of purple sea glass throughout. Embedded within the sea glass are double halogen lights which highlight both the sea glass/glass bowl & ice rock tier.
The fountain emerges from the waterbell fountain head which flows gently over the barnacle then down over the ice rock tier. To accent this fountain we used artificial ivy and more purple sea glass placed over the ice rock tier. The fountain has NO splashing at all. The maintenance is # 4 with an assembly #3.

Golden Gate Bridge Fountain:
The Golden Gate bridge was all hand crafted, complete with cables and metal accent pieces. The lava rock mountain is one piece which sits perfectly in the glass bowl with the pump hidden underneath, yet easily accessible. The water flows from up above the bridge and under the bridge for a realistic effect.
We carved out the bottom of the lava rock so the mister/fogger will fit and operate with no interference at all, and you won't ever know where the fog is coming from! This fountain has NO splashing at all.
On our maintenance scale the number is:  #3 with an assembly  # 2.

Gerry's Celtic Fountain: 
This fountain was quite a challenge!  Gerry wanted a lava rock with water coming down the middle on steps and on one side is the excalibar sword in stone and on the other side is the Celtic cross. This is all one piece of lava! We carved into the lava to make what would be the stone wall behind both the sword & cross. Then in front of the cross we made a hole so the light from the Mister?Fogger Light Combo could be seen glowing up onto the cross.
Operating this fountain is the 47 gph.Fountain Pro WA-65 Pump with a switch. We used 1/2" of tubing so we could get both the sound and look of a running brook.  The lava mountain is homed in our large oval bowl and Gerry choose to use the green bowl, accenting the mountain is artificial ivy, I'm told Gerry has other plans on decorating it up!!! Thank you Gerry for allowing us to provide you with one very unique fountain!
On our maintenance scale the number is: # 4 with an assembly #3

Patty's Panda Bear Fountain
This fountain was indeed a challenge. Patty wanted the water to exit at the top in its own pool and then not flow over the edge and down to where the panda bear is but a hidden waterfall! This was a little tricky to do but with her guidance via email we got the water to go just where she wanted it to.
At the top we even carved a tunnel the water goes around and host a watering source for the Lucky Bamboo! So it all worked out perfectly. We then drilled holes so the water "had" to go down instead of over the pools edge. It was too strong of flow and splashed at lot at first. So we took accent rocks and slowed the waterflow down and then we were happy with very little splashing.
Patty wanted the Panda Bear to be back inside the cave and wanted lights in there as well. We took our time in carving this cave as we could not afford to break through the lava rock. We also carved down inside the cave so the lights are hidden from view but yet you get the lights effect. By the way! The Panda Bear is 6" tall. The complete lava fountain is 22" high. Operating this fountain we used the United AP-145 Pump with Switch, Double Finger Lights and a Mister Fogger.
On our maintenance scale the number is #4 with an assembly of #4


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