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Fog, Smoke for Fountains, Misting Ionizers  
Mister foggers for humidity, fountains and green houses

Large Indoor / Outdoor Foggers that SHIP FREE

Mister's operate in water only, no chemicals or dry ice is ever needed.
Our Single Disk Foggers will fit the Magic Sky Misting Fountains as our mister have the 1/2" rubber stopper on the cord.

It's the disk that creates the FOG! The more disks you have the more fog it'll create.
Maintaining your new Mister Fogger and Fogger questions.
To view other photos and see other ways to use a mister/fogger, see our page of mister fogger photos

Mother's Day Gift Ideas, fragrance mister humidifier with 3D lights

Perfect for gift giving!
Choose from Musical Notes, Deer or Jelly Fish
Colors change slowly automatically

mister fogger with no lights, single disk jet fogger
Reg. Price:
Sale Price:

Single disk fogger with enough fog to fill an eighteen to twenty inch container
Perfect for orchids, reptiles, moss gardens and fountains


Buoy accepts ALL our single mister foggers
This can be used in most any application where you have more than 12" of open water area.

9 Jet Fogger with Color LED Lights | Indoor or Outdoor use | Large Mister Fogger

For use Indoors or outdoors
Comes with its own buoy for proper operational depth
Will fog an area approx. 6' - 8' in diameter!

Starting at $5

Gift certificates start as low as $5

single disk fogger with LED lights
Reg. Price:
Sale Price:

Single jet (disk) color changing fogger
Colors change automatically, from red to blue to yellow then all together! 

5 Jet Fogger with LED Lights | Indoor or Outdoor Use | Auto changing Lights
Reg. Price:
Sale Price:

Indoor or Outdoor Fogger
Lots of fog w/auto changing lights
Transformer is included

Reg. Price:
Sale Price:

5/8" Diameter  ~ 16mm disk size
(Dime Size)

Reg. Price:
Sale Price:
For our Ocean Mist, Fountain Pro and our 5 & 9 Disk Foggers.
3/4" Diameter ~ 20mm disk size
(Nickel Size)
Large Mister Fogger | Lots of Fog | Outdoor Fogger | 9 Jet Fogger

Best fogger for indoors or outdoor use when you want a LOT of fog!
Perfect for use in a green house when you need a lot of moisture.
Comes with its own buoy for maximum performance.

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    Fountain Pumps, Lava Rock, LED Fountain lights, Mister Foggers

    We are Located in Maine USA

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