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Large Outdoor Fountain Pumps for Waterfalls, Wall and Pond applications 

Large Fountain Pumps for Indoor or Outdoor use. Waterfalls, Ponds, Fountains and Water Gardens

Have a question?
We can answer your questions!  Call 1-800-643-5804 and we'll make sure you get the right pump for your application.
Or email us with your questions.  info@FountainsnSlate.com

United UP Model Pumps that can be used either submerged or inline, (out of water)
See Below. Most pumps are adjustable.

For product detailed information, click on either the product photo or title.

Fountain Pro WT-530p Pump Submersible Fountain Pump, 10 foot lift
Reg. Price:
Sale Price:

530 GPH with 12' Power Cord
Compact in size, Large in Power!
The Fountain Pro WT-530p Pump replaces the Fountain Pro WT-660 Model pump.

Large waterfall, fountain and pond pump, Professional Series Pump

Large indoor or outdoor fountain pump
800 GPH with a 11.5' Lift

Large submersible indoor or outdoor fountain Pump

Small in Size Large in Power
Over 1100 GPH 
Submersible indoor or outdoor fountain pump

Submersible outdoor fountain pump,Fountain Pump by Jean Tech
Reg. Price:
Sale Price:
3 in Stock
Small, Strong, Very Quiet & Dependable
Compatible to the United UP-160 Pump
Flexible tubing for fountains, non kink tubing, black ridged tubing

Flexible tubing so you can go around corners without pinching your tubing

10' or 20' Lengths

Fountain hole plug, rubber stopper plug for fountains
Starting at $3.95

Rubber Stopper plugs for your indoor or outdoor fountains
Plugs come in 7 different sizes
PLEASE click on the MORE IMAGES above to see what a stopper looks like with the 1/8" Light Cord Hole
NOTE: ALL stoppers come with a hole and slit in them as shown in the photo

Substitute for Fountain Pro WT-300 and United UP-270 Pump

Small, Quiet and Dependable
Replaces the Fountain Pro WT-300 and the United UP-270 Pump

Fountain Pro WT-345 Large outdoor fountain or pond pump
Reg. Price:
Sale Price:

Powerful and Quiet Indoor or Outdoor Fountain Pump
Max Rise 8 Feet
GPH: 345

Large Fountain Pro WT-2200 Pump inline or submerged

Only 4 Pumps Available
Large powerful submersible or inline (out of water) pump
2200 GPH
Max Rise: 13.8 Feet


Large lift Submersible Fountain or Pond Pump

Large Submersible Fountain Pump
Max Rise: 18 Feet
33 Foot Power Cord

Inline water flow adjuster for vinyl tubing
Reg. Price:
Sale Price:

Water flow adjuster connects to tubing so you can regulate the water flow easily

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    Fountain Pumps, Lava Rock, LED Fountain lights, Mister Foggers

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